Who's the BEST UX Designer in the WORLD? (not clickbait)

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Who’s the BEST UX Designer in the world? Why do UX Designers Drink so much? What’s the difference between UI and UX Design? FIND OUT in this video!

24 Replies to “Who's the BEST UX Designer in the WORLD? (not clickbait)”

  1. Adrian Forster

    As an old school 'new media' person (late 90's) who spent years trying to find a hat to wear so that others could label me in a role and understand my value… it's so so refreshing to have our craft so well articulated. Big up. Love what ur pumping out chaps. Even without my old dear friend Kit. mmmwah x ps. i'm dying to link with you crazy cats when u come to London next x

  2. Mitsore

    Please don't put stuff like "no clickbait" in your title. It's pretty cringe. I'm a new follower and I really try to stay away from YouTube channels who do this, especially with a normal title like this??? Keep up the educational video's tho !

  3. Rami Almalki


    Hello AJ&Smart
    You are awesome and I try not to miss any content you made. But I have one big question and that is :

    What is the difference between UX process vs Design Thinking vs Design Sprint ?

    I have read about them so much but I get confused because there are many similarities between them ?


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