UX Design – How To Get Started (For Beginners)

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Looking to GET STARTED in UX Design? Want to take those first steps in UX or maybe changing career? In this video, we share some tangible tips that …

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  1. AJ&Smart

    Hey! What tips or resources can you offer to people looking to 'Get Started' in UX Design? Do you agree with our points? SHare your thoughts and insights in the comments below, and let's start a discussion!
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  2. Ashley Adette

    I'm currently in my second semester of Foundation in Engineering and Science in my university and im really contemplating if i should continue to get my bachelor degree in computer science/engineering. As an 18 year old im constantly clueless of what i want to pursue because i wasnt sure of what i like, so naturally being the asian that i am i chose the engineering path because it was the "safest" path for me to be financially stable in the future.
    I could try and do the undergraduate majors such as civil, electrical, chemical, environmental engineering and make it somehow work for me but idk

    The more i delve deep into ux ui design the more i seem to realise that that is the work that doesnt feel like work to me. Even in my first semester when i was in a c++ group project the task that i enjoyed the most was choosing which ascii art header/border to use and designing/animating the ascii loading screen. The problem solving part with writing the codes just wasnt my cup of tea.

    Going into computer science would bring me too much into the technical side of things(aka backend which is a nono for me lol). Should i change my path? I'm too scared to lose a bachelor degree

    any help or advice would be very very much appreciated 🙁


  3. AnnMarie Powers

    Hi Britney, I sent you guys a DM on Instragram but thought I’d cover my bases and post it here too! 💛

    I just binged a bunch of your YouTube videos in my beginning research for a career in UX Design! I found them super helpful and I’ve already set deadlines for all the research and advice you’ve posted!

    The reason I’m reaching out is because I feel like you guys would have the perfect advice for someone like me. I’m American and my long term boyfriend is German so when COVID doesn’t close borders I’m normally living with him in Hamburg! I miss Germany so much and I’m trying everything in my power to get back. 🇩🇪

    Long story short, through research and beginning of understanding of the industry I’ve honed in on UX Design as being a perfect match for me and a career change. 🤩

    If you have any advice on UX Design programs in Hamburg it would be so appreciated. I’m hoping I can find a way to marry my journey in Germany and my new career path and hoping you’ll have the perfect insight for that. All the best and stay healthy! 😷

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