The ONE skill you need to boost your UX Design Career in 2019

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Want to BOOST your UX Career? Become a more valuable designer by researching Product Strategy! AJ&Smart’s UX Research Lead, Amr, curates the BEST …

27 Replies to “The ONE skill you need to boost your UX Design Career in 2019”

  1. AJ&Smart

    Hey! 👋What resources do you use to learn more about Product Strategy? 🧐What questions do you have regarding Product Strategy?
    Share your thoughts / resources in the comments, and let's start a discussion! ↙️💦
    ⤴️Want even MORE UX resources? Check out our recent UX / Ui Inspiration video here:
    ⚒Looking for work in UX Design, but don't have a portfolio?! Check out this video to GET AHEAD!

  2. Dax Diligent

    I'm looking to pivot my career at 35 years old. I was a marketing manager for the last 8 years in the oil and gas industry. Hated it, and it was really slow-moving as far marketing concepts. I feel way behind. How do I break into the industry as a UX Designer or Product Management/Strategy with practically no experience (my previous experience is very outdated)? I'm thinking I should freelance to learn "OTJ," but I don't know where to start as far coming up with a workflow and finding work.

  3. Cameron Steer

    Amazing video! Thank you Amr for showing off all these great resources, I picked up a few new things to follow. One I might add to the podcast list is Masters of scale, hosted by Reid Hoffman. It takes a deep dive into strategies used by top companies to scale their businesses, sharing the lessons they learnt. The Instagram and Spotify ones are particularly good 👍

  4. Further

    Thanks for sharing, expecialy for podcasts. I think this topic is more important for designers even than ui inspiration video. Because you can easily imagine situation when designers can say:
    — hey, did you saw that awesome new work (font / animation) on dribbble (behance or else)?
    — yeah, that was dope

    But for product strategy topic simmilar discussions, I think, is rare in the designers community. Unless you discuss VR buckets and VR socks )

  5. Vasil Nedelchev

    Military strategy is the origin of strategic thinking so, I believe the military strategy books could be a great inspiration as well. A bit more difficult to relate to product strategy but the core concepts are there. Two favourites of mine are Art of war by Sun Tzu and The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

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