The Coolest AR Jobs For UX Designers!

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What are the leading Silicon Valley companies looking for when it comes to user experiences for augmented reality (AR)? In this video, our CEO, Jonathan …

33 Replies to “The Coolest AR Jobs For UX Designers!”

  1. Victor Adedini

    @AJ&Smart. I also want to learn about AR for a while especially from the view point of a product designer, but most of the resources and books I found are for AR developers with requires coding. I would really love it if you can enlighten us on how to start and recommend some materials for us. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. vikashkumar pws

    how ar/vr would work instead of ui/ux design when it is supposed to be introduced? Does people start using it in the world of digital marketing if yes then how? Kindly brief with example…
    if you know the answer then please mail or send the link on this email:

  3. David Picarazzi

    I watch you guys frequently and hadn't realized I wasn't subscribed! So I've just subscribed. I wanted to know your thoughts on this matter – I REALLY want to start learning more about AR/VR, found some excellent introductory courses on udemy. But I don't have a VR set! I want to buy a Quest (ESPECIALLY to play Alyx), but apparently Facebook is working on a new one already. Not sure if I should wait until the new one comes out or just buy the current. The only thing holding me back from learning about VR is not knowing if i should buy the current Quest or wait until who knows how long til the new one comes out.

  4. Ndriana

    I see two major skilling trends/future for all of us the so-called "UX Designers" these days:
    1- The Workshop Facilitator trend
    2- The Mixed Reality (MR) Interaction Designer trend

    The first trend, imo, is evolving to something about organizing people interaction, expression and exchange of thoughts. It's great but at this point I am not sure it's still a Design job. Or at least it's not a specifically Design-school-educated people job. Anyone from a business-school or anyone extrovert enough can make it.
    The second trend is closer to what we are already. Besides evolving from basic 2D interface, besides we'll still need to mind human cognition ABC, it will also require to at least have basic notions of physiology and biomechanics (beyond the usual mobile thumbzone). One thing for sure: it still has room for creativity.

    Personally I'll pick the second one.

  5. stokedonspokes

    At San Francisco State we've been doing Unity and Blender in Interaction Design 2, and Interaction Design 3 is all about AR/VR. I'd throw Rhino3D on the list too… learned it when I was studying architecture and it is super versatile and easy to use.

  6. Insolvo Freelance Website

    The more technology advances, the more whole design begins to resemble an alloy of creativity and programming. And since AR is already a mixture of both, I think any specialist should broaden the variety of skills for such topics. If people are capable to create astonishing interfaces in 3D or 2D, I can only imagine, what brilliant stuff they can do with AR.

  7. Skylar Dunn-Lubin

    AJ&S once again changing the game. We need those AR UI classes from them! Anything to teach these skills and only courses to guide beginnings to self teaching would be invaluable for the community! Seriously though I would also pay for such classes.

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