Responsive Web Design using AngularJS

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This is one of the presentations from the February 2014 DFW Area AngularJS Meetup. Introduction on how to use AngularJS Services and Directives to handle …

15 Replies to “Responsive Web Design using AngularJS”

  1. Joe Watson

    Dead On Point. The purpose of an Introduction is to explain how it will make my life better, and what do i have to do to use it… No tech-no-babble and no code, just the big picture for dummies… Well Done Sir…

  2. umesh nakod

    hi Jim Lavin am Umesh
    i am trying to do same as you but am getting error that Undefined is not a function. that function is 'isMobile()' so please give me some suggestion..please 

  3. Lars Rye Jeppesen

    I'm curious why you chose 768 as the width for deciding wether you're dealing with a mobile device or a tablet… most high end phones have 1080p displays so they would be considered as tablets?

    Looks like you're designing for iPhone, as that's basically the only phone with that low a resolution (we're talking high end phones).

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