Design Systems with Brad Frost – The State of the Web

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In this episode of the State of the Web, Rick Viscomi talks with Brad Frost (Web Designer and author of Atomic Design) about design systems highlighting web …

14 Replies to “Design Systems with Brad Frost – The State of the Web”

  1. David Jost

    13:43 "Well tested [UI Components]", well, kinda. Material UI has rolled out the single underline Input field, which was never used as the input field, and has been updated exactly because of testing: It is hard to use. Just because there is an actual giant rolling out fancy UI does not mean it is good or well tested UI.

  2. Andrey Bogdanov

    One very important thing that wasn't actually stressed enough is that (at least to me) having a design system can be an alternative way of end to end testing plus it's fully visual and accessible for any member of the team, whether it's a developer, designer or a stakeholder. It allows to quickly communicate overall structure of the project for the new team members too.

  3. BoYin Lee

    Questions covered
    00:18 Has the metaphor of a webpage exceeded its usefulness?
    04:23 Given that there are so many different viewport sizes and everything, does that mean that the flat Photoshop file is no longer very useful as a mean of conveying the design?
    08:02 What it might be like for a user to be on a site that has design debt?
    13:33 What are the trade-offs of investing in a design system versus taking something off the shelf like Bootstrap?
    18:18 How much of a design system’s success depends on the designers as opposed to the developers?
    21:59 What extent should a design system anticipate the chaos of user-generated content like errors and long names? What is the breaking point of a design system?
    26:14 What resources would you recommend for people eager to learn more about design system?

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