Business Listing Management

Business directory listings not only helps with your website’s SEO but also has the advantage of well, listing your business in a directory. Think of it as a phone book, in the old days, if we needed a business, we would grab the old trusted telephone book and search up what we need there, find the phone number and address, and give them a call. Having your company listed by a business directory online is basically the same thing, just digital. Potential clients go to online directories, search for the criteria and area that they want, and up pops a list of businesses that can assist them with what they need in their area.

Going around and posting information to all the business listing websites relevant to your business can be quite a task, the information needs to stay up to date, some websites allows people to comment under your business, leaving a review, good or bad. You then have the option to respond to this client, in the event of it being bad, assisting the client in correcting the issue and if it is good, simply thanking the client for their services. These listings also need to stay up to date with all your latest information, contact details, images etc. We can assist you with this, for as little as R285 per hour we can maintain business directories and also register your company by as many directories as time allows us to, Contact us now for a quote!