5 Winter Trends To Wear Now | Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2019

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Trends play a very, very small role in my personal style vocabulary. However, every so often I see a handful that speak to me and that I feel comfortable pulling …

37 Replies to “5 Winter Trends To Wear Now | Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2019”

  1. Dan Alex

    I wear a double breasted camel long coat with wide lapels and mink back collar and sleeve ends. It is very extravagant, and an old piece but it still looks absolutely Pitti Uomo. It shows its age but the cashmere still holds up well for it's 40yr plus age. I guess it could be called vintage, but almost an unique piece…

  2. Daniel Kim

    Investing in clean, monochromatic pieces like coats and jackets and shoes can ensure you can mix and match and accessorize them to last years. Buy a few high quality items and use them as long as you can

  3. JK Chang

    Brian, absolutely love watching your videos even the ones I've seen already like this in weekends morning while sipping my coffee. Always feel like I'm soaking myself in quality, classy contents that totally worth my time. Just wanted to let you know. Please keep it up!

  4. Gaylon Graham

    The shirt over the turtleneck should have been less of a stark contrast in color and material. The jean shirt under the turtleneck would actually seem like a better choice to go over it, and the last look didn't appear comfortable for you or very stylish for anyone. I do admire your looks 99.9% of the time, those two turtleneck looks just kinda missed the mark imo. Great vids, keep up the good work.

  5. qris

    love your videos! they are very insightful.

    what do u think about custom tailored or bespoke winter coats? is it worth the price tag compared to getting off-the-rack coats? if yes, which tailor would you recommend (for inspiration)?

  6. Sandro Battaglia

    Love the white trousers and statement coat. I disagree with the button-front shirt under the tneck, nor do I think it makes sense. Also, you'll spend all day convincing others that it's a viable look and who has that energy. Great vid!

  7. Nick Tz

    hello! i want to buy a double breasted coat but i can't choose! a black or a dark navy? i think that dark navy is more versatile. for example you can wear dark navy coat with black pants and shoes,grey/charcoal pants with black or tan shoes. am i right?
    can you help me with this please?

  8. Stylish Over Sixty

    Wonderful video I appreciate 3 out of 4 suggestions you have to offer here for winter style trends however I have to strongly disagree with the button up shirt underneath a turtleneck for me personally that look comes off as too gimmicky it almost appear as if the manufacturer's label it sticking up and needs to be put back in place just my thought thanks again for the video

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