The importance of mobile apps in accounting firms

In today’s marketplace, accounting firms are faced with new challenges brought on by globalisation and increasing competition. Streamlining data is a critical factor for these firms to maximise productivity and gain greater insight into their business to meet these challenges head on. Our Mobile Go! Application is a native mobile app that helps your firms’ Partners, Managers and employees to manage time, appointments, travel logs and expense claims accurately and easily.

GreatSoft Go: A revolutionary WIP mobile app

If you are looking for solutions to help you with calculating WIP in your accounting firm, choosing a mobile app is probably the best decision, as it allows you to have access to numerous features, under the umbrella of a single app. The best in the business is undoubtedly GreatSoft Go Mobile App for accounting firms. Compatible with both IOS and Android platforms, this state of the art WIP mobile app, allows you to easily use WIP features that are like no other. Some of the features of this great app include:

Mobile Timesheets — You can now capture timesheets from entries in the calendar, as well as construct adhoc entries, while on the go. With integrated connection to GreatSoft CRM, you can directly submit your time to GreatSoft CRM. Being integrated with your calendar, this app is capable of automating the start and calculates the duration of time that you had spent towards completing a task.

Expense Capture — There are many times when out of pocket expenses have to be made while completing a task for your company. GreatSoft Go, allows you to capture these expenses in the form of disbursements, while allowing you the scope of capturing them in their native currency. However, before submission, GO makes sure that your submissions are subjected to proper currency conversion and the converted amount is submitted as disbursement for you to claim later.

Mileage Tracking — If you are travelling to meet a client, and want the distance that you have covered to be captured and the expense of fuel submitted in the form of disbursement, GreatSoft Go is capable of providing you with services for the same as well. It takes the help of your GPS system and tracks every movement you make. Whatever be your mode of conveyance, GreatSoft Go makes note of the kilometres travelled, hours taken and route travelled over, in order to form accurate submissions.

Mileage Capture — This mobile app is also capable of capturing mileage that isn’t recorded by the application, while providing you with the convenience of converting the distance such that it reflects the rate the firm uses for every chargeable and non-chargeable entry.

Look up client info — For not only partners the ability to look up a client and contact information within the Go App will safe you the aggravation of contacting the office for information. You can mail the client or call the client within the GreatSoft Go App.

Debtors lookup — If you want to see Debtors ageing, WIP Time spent or the total Lock Up from one simple screen the Go app is for you.

GreatSoft ( is an innovative & award winning software development company in South Africa offering CRM, and practice management software for accounting firms.

Our cloud based CRM for accountants will streamline your accounting firm and improve communication with your clients.

We offer a full practice ecosystem in the cloud, and will have a proven solution for any of your practice needs.

Our suite of products includes:

Practice Management for Accountants: Innovative, state of the art Accounting & Practice Management software solutions to time based professionals.

Tax Compliance Software: A high-performance tax workflow management software that will assist you in preparing and submitting tax returns to SARS.

Company Secretarial Software: GreatSoft’s online company secretarial software is an all-in-one secretarial software solution based in the cloud.​

Cloud Document Management: GreatSoft’s online document management software will transform the way you communicate and collaborate with your clients. Document management in the cloud.

South African Payroll Software: GreatSoft’s online payroll software is a high performance, easy to use cloud based payroll solution for everyone from SME’s to large international firms.

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